Famous ShopHQ Hosts Male and Female 2024 - mrDustBin (2024)

Famous ShopHQ Hosts Male and Female 2024

ShopHQ is one of the most popular shoping channel. ShopHQ home shopping television network provides kitchen and home appliances, jewelry, electronics, beauty products etc. Here we listed few most popular hosts of ShopHQ.

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1 Brian Johnson

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Brian Johnson is a new face to ShopHQ but you may recognize him from his appearances in more than 70+ national commercials. He has also done various roles in Television and Film.

He loves the thrill of bringing our quality-tested products to life with you on live television. When not at work, he can usually be found enjoying time with his family.

2 Heather Hall

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Heather Hall is an on-air TV host, her sole mission is to inspire her viewers and make them feel accepted, connected & empowered. In addition to hosting, she is also a mentor, an expert in brand development, a brand strategy guru, and a highly skilled person in generating and driving efficient sales by highlighting a product’s greatest features in a minimal amount of time.

She is passionate about bringing brand stories to life and loves working with enthusiastic creators and helping them tell their brand stories.

Over the past 10 years she has hosted over 8,000 hours of live TV, has reached over $350 million in sales, and has helped launch over 2,000 brands.

Hall was born on 15 August 1973. She has straight blonde hair and her current net worth is 1-5$ million.

3 Allie Krings

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Allie Krings is an on-air TV host who started working in sports as a freshman at the University of Minnesota, working for an incredible program, called Gopher Digital Productions.

She also hosted Rays, Disney on Ice, and Monster Jam. She also works as an in-game or in-arena host.

4 Daniel Green

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Daniel Green is an on-air TV Chef. He has authored 12 cookbooks and hosted 11,000 hours of live shopping, selling over 1 billion $ of products. Daniel also worked on several infomercials selling over 10 million pans.

He is a Food Network star. His latest books on the PALEO diet and healthy eating for lower cholesterol have sold millions. His net worth is 1.5$ million.

5 Kendy Kloepfer

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Kendy Kloepfer is known for her work as a host on Evine and ShopHQ. She was born on February 25, 1963 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

She is one of the most familiar faces with extensive home shopping host experience that actively engages audiences.

She’s a passionate customer advocate and her fans have become family, sharing her life milestones through the years. Kendy Kloepfer net worth is 1$ million.

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6 Erin Newburg

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Erin Newburg is a master storyteller who excels in bringing products, personalities and brands to life on-air, through social media and other such digital platforms.

She is also an on-air Host for fashion, beauty, health, sports and more. Erin Newburg’s net worth is $300,000 – $400,000.

7 Aaron Kessler

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Aaron Kessler is an on-air Talent, Host & Guest Host at ShopHQ. He is also the President & Chief Consultant at JMR CONSULTING SERVICES.

She provides a window into the world – of brands and products and tells its story and heritage distinctly to any brand that she represents.

8 Fatima Cocci

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Fatima Cocci aspires to help her audience discover their best selves and always brings joy to their shopping experience. She embraces the motto “Live Better” and hopes she can help her viewers do exactly that.

9 Jen Vick

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Jen Vick is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for people across all fields, but specifically the entertainment, retail, and wellness industries. She is well experienced in live hosting, sales, marketing, wellness coaching, public speaking and influencing.

She is a genuine, relatable, and approachable professional with a knack for building trust and empowering and encouraging individuals towards change.

10 Lynne Schacher

Famous ShopHQ Hosts Male and Female 2024 - mrDustBin (10)

Lynne Schacher has been an On-Air Host at ShopHQ (ValueVision then ShopNBC, Evine and now ShopHQ) for 23 years and has nearly 20,000 hours of live television to her account.

She is a charismatic, high-level talent and retail media professional producing more than $1 Billion in top line sales and has achieved the highest revenue producing shows with record-breaking sales.

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11 Melissa Miner

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Melissa Miner is an on-air show host at ShopHQ. She has worked on live television and has sold several products online through her charisma and talent. She has a wide range of active social media followers.

12 Natasha Chughtai

Famous ShopHQ Hosts Male and Female 2024 - mrDustBin (12)Natasha Chughtai is an award winning news anchor, national home shopping host, a certified professional life coach and a certified zumba instructor.

She has on-air hosting experience for more than two decades. She has also worked as the main news anchor in several markets. Her net worth is 12$ million.

13 Sasha Andreev

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Sasha Andreev has been working as a host on multiple national TV series centered around home improvement and design, with an emphasis on inspiration, hands-on projects. Originally from St. Petesburg, Russia, Sasha Andreev has always had an enthusiasm for making things beautiful. He is the host of “Curb Appeal” on HGTV.

14 Nikki Stanzione

Nikki Stanzione is a versatile television host, actress, and broadcaster with diverse abilities in presentation. She is a strong spokesperson who engages with a conversational style and the experience and skills to work comfortably in live television; in both scripted and unscripted scenarios.

She is also the Host of New Mexico Style, on the Southwest FOX affiliate, 2 KASA FOX. Nikki has also acted in a movie called My Sexiest Year Waitress.
She was born on 17 December 1973, Livingston, New Jersey, United States.

15 Jess Manuel

Jess Manuel her creative journey has spanned many countries and continents. She fueled aeroplanes in Antarctica and studied acting in Sydney, Australia.

She wrote The Antarctic Chronicles, a one woman show about her experience in Antarctica, that she performed in Los Angeles and New York. Jess eventually found herself working full-time in Los Angeles as an actor and voice-over artist. She is currently an on-air television host at ShopHQ.

Shophq hosts male and Female 2024

Famous ShopHQ Hosts Male and Female 2024 - mrDustBin (2024)


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